Good looking dude

Joe d'Elia

Co-founder and CTO at Upscope

Current work

My current focus is Upscope, a customer support and onboarding software used by leading tech and financial companies all over the world.

I also help with Anymail finder and Hundo, both lead generation and data businesses I co-founded some years ago.

Location & travel

I am currently based in London. Previously, I lived in Brooklyn (New York), Oakland (California), and Verona (Italy).

I’m typically in NYC a few times a year, so hit me up if you are in London or New York and want to meet up.

Past failures

Here are some failed startups attempts from the past few years (a.k.a. - Don't give up)

Targeting Monkey (2016) a service that allowed web designers to easily incorporate location data into their pages.

Tailor (2015) a landing page optimization service.

Thrust Division (2014) a web design company.

Flyer guidebook (2013) a travel data API company.

Finest Travels (2012) an online travel booking website.


To get in touch with me, you can email me at joe @ this website. I try to reply to all emails, but I tend to ignore emails that have obviously been sent in bulk.

If you’re interested in working at Upscope, please check out our careers page first.

I’m trying to cut down on social media so Twitter / Instagram is not the best way to reach me.

I am not currently looking to collaborate on a startup project or do any freelance work.